How to Blog for Free: Getting Online

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Limited funds? Need a marketing boost?

Here are my tips on how to blog for free. As an entrepreneur, I share your desire to do a lot with limited resources, and this is an area with which I have a great deal of experience.

Please note that blog and website building services vary widely, and there are many advantages to actually paying for website hosting and domain name (as opposed to using a free blog or website service).

Another option is to buy a domain name (ex., which is less expensive than paying for website hosting, then have your domain name point to your free blog. This is usually very simple to do, and some free blogging services sell domain names for a very low fee.

But, let’s face it, when we’re starting out, it’s really nice to have it all for free – just to get things rolling.

What is a Blog?

When I use the word “blog” here, it refers to a website that can be formatted as a traditional website, but is easily added onto. Typically, the site has pages PLUS “posts,” which share the date and author with the reader. The posts can be sorted by category and tags (which is basically another way to sort by topic).

How to Blog for Free: Getting Online

1. Pick a Name

The goal is to select a “username” that makes it obvious to the reader what they will find on your site. The username is what you will use throughout your marketing, so put plenty of consideration into the process.

  • Brainstorm at least 20-30 ideas. They should be fairly unique.
  • Set up a Google AdWords account and use their Keyword Tool to find something that has a lot of traffic and medium to low competition. To find the Keywords Tool, click on the “Tools and Analysis” menu item at the top of the page, then “Keyword Tool.” More on this later.
  • Select a username you will use consistently throughout your blogging and marketing.

2. Where to Blog for Free

Updated February 15, 2012. Please contact me if any of these links no longer works, or if you can’t find a free option.

Once you have your username, set up an account for a free blog. Below are lots of ideas.

My Top 5

And More

Specialty Blogs

3. Market your blog / website!

Stay tuned for tips on website and blog marketing.

Featured image by Alan Cleaver, and used with permission.

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