How to Use Your Keyword Phrase

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After working through the process of getting an awesome keyword phrase, you’re going to want to make the most of that. But first, I want to congratulate you on doing something most people don’t do — you’re doing what it takes to have a successful blog or website! Nice!

How to Use the Keyword Phrase

In this post, my keyword phrase is, well, “keyword phrase.” Whenever I use it as outlined below I can ADD other words, but must keep the words “keyword phrase” as it is — “keyword” is one word, space, then “phrase”.

Capitalization does not matter.

When using in the URL or saving an image file, use a hyphen for a space.


  • URL:
  • Image File, “Save As” example: keyword-phrase-when-to-use.jpg
When adding other words, which may be helpful because you may write multiple posts with the same keyword phrase but different aspects — like here, where I have written a post about WHAT it is, and now I am writing about WHEN to use it — you can add more words, just try to keep the keyword phrase at the beginning of the file name or page name.

7 Easy — And Mandatory Uses

  1. In Your Post CONTENT at least 2-5 times.
  2. As the Page TITLE
  3. As part of the URL
  4. As the 3 IMAGE Optimization Opportunities: 1) Save the file using the keyword phrase, using a hyphen in place of any spaces; 2) In the “Alt” tag when uploading the image; and 3) In the “Title” of the Image.
  5. As a HEADING: When typing up your content, do not just “bold” paragraph or section titles. Highlight that line and pull the dropdown that says “Format” and select a “heading” tag. Make sure that one of those headings includes your Keyword Phrase.
  6. In all LINK Titles: When you highlight a link – and you should always have, at minimum, 2-3 links in your post, highlight the words, click the chain link to add the link, put in the link, then include your keyword phrase in your title.
  7. Any Links BACK to Your Site from Other Pages and/or Sites (including pages within your own website. So, if you ever submit your site for links, or link to it on other peoples’ site, try to use the keyword phrase in the active link. For example, if I ask my friend to link to this page, I might request the words “Keyword Phrase Tips by Tiffany Helps” be linked to this exact page (not to – to this exact page … because if someone searched “Keyword Phrase” and got my home page, they may be disappointeed…. but if they came directly to this page, they may be happy).

Recommended to Make Your Life Easier

Since you are such an awesome blogger that you actually use keyword phrases that you researched for optimization, you’ll love this plugin:

It’s going to make USING that keyword phrase easy peasy. It also has some research tools built right in. As you get more comfortable, you’ll love Yoast’s SEO tool.

Hope this helps!

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