How to Upload Image to Post or Page

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These instructions are specifically how to UPLOAD images into a page or a post. There are separate instructions for How to upload a Featured Image.

Step 1: Pick a Spot

Place the curser in your post or page where you’d like to upload the image.

Step 2: Upload

Click “Upload/Insert”

How to Upload Images into a WordPress Post or Page - Step 1

Step 3: Find the File and Upload

When you see this window, click “Upload,” and another pop-up will come up. Find the image file on your computer to upload. Optional: if you have already uploaded an image, you can click “Media Library” tab, also visible below.

How to Upload an Image into a WordPress Page or Post - Step 3

Step 4: First Round Formatting

Pick a focus keyword phrase. This should be a 2-4 word phrase that is used in your page or post that someone might use as search terms. If you feel ambitious, you can do some research before making a decision. If not, just pick something and run with it. WordPress SEO by Yoast is an excellent plug in to help with this.

The “Alt” and Title tags should BEGIN with your focus keyword phrase. You can add other words to describe the picture – just try to keep it brief.

Here you can also choose the size you’d like the image and whether you’d like it in with the text aligned right, left, or centered; or if you’d like the image on it’s own line (separate from text).

If you’d like the image linked to another page (or the page that it is on), this is the step where you can insert the full link information.


How to Upload an Image into a WordPress Page or Post - Step 4

Making Changes

Select the image in your post and select the picture image on the top left corner of the image you’d like to edit. NOTE: if you make changes to make the image smaller, it can be tricky to “undo” without lowering resolution.

If you’d like to delete it, click the delete symbol.

How to edit uploaded images on WordPress

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