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November 15th, 2012Manage a Wordpress WebsiteComments Off on WordPress Website Login

The first step in managing your WordPress Website is to log into your site.

1. Go to your Admin Page


2. Log In

Your username and password should have been provided to you by the person who set up your site (including me). There is a “reset password” link on the login page — use it to reset it if you forgot your password.

If I set up your site and you can’t remember your username, please search your e-mails using the term “wp-admin” [be sure to select “Entire Message” to search the body of the message, which is where this term would be] for old e-mails I might have sent you providing this information. Did you search all your e-mail accounts and still can’t find it anywhere? Ask me, I may be able to help.

3. Manage Your WordPress Website: Dashboard

Once you log in, you go straight to your WordPress dashboard. From here you can add posts, add pages, edit the template, add plugins, update plugins, and do so much more!



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