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What got me into building websites? In the 1990’s, when real estate agents were still scratching their heads about this whole “internet” idea and wondering whether or not to even have a real estate website, we jumped right in. After our first generation website I wanted a cleaner website that better reflected our company — one I could change as quickly as our inventory did. I also had a desire to serve our clients by giving them more control over their buying experience. Our web builder suggested I learn HTML to meet my growing expectations, so I did. From there, I have been building websites for various companies, organizations and people.

Real Estate Flyer Formatting

$25 for a formatted, stock flyer, postcard or newsletter – you supply text and photos. The designed and formatted flyer will be sent to you via e-mail as a .pdf or .jpg file (whichever works best for you).

Samples shown are presented at a lower resolution to reduce load time — actual digital copies provided to clients are higher resolution.

If you have a flyer design you’d like me to format and use for your business — I would be happy to!

Custom designs available, priced by the hour.

Real Estate Website Package

For only $250, I will build a WordPress real estate website that will help you get and keep clients happy with far less effort. That website should be one of your assistants.

What is included in the Website Package?

  • Basic set up of real estate website with your contact information and plugging in pages written by you.
  • 5 Pages: Home page, property search, blog *or* featured listings, about page, contact page.
  • Added plug-in that I use regularly: SEO by Yoast, which checks each page and blog post for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and makes suggestions for improvements.
  • MailChimp Integration: Whether you already have an account with MailChimp or you’d like a basic (free) MailChimp e-mail marketing account, I can set that up for you to integrate with your website so visitors can sign up for your e-mail newsletters or free real estate guides.

Click here to see some Real Estate WordPress Themes . . . .

Other things to consider when getting a new website:

Website Name and Hosting: If you don’t already have a site, set up your domain name and hosting. I absolutely love buying my domain name from and getting hosting through BlueHost. With a WordPress site, hosting with the right company is absolutely crucial (I learned this the hard way, and have been thrilled since moving to BlueHost for web hosting).


Images: The vital importance of good photos when marketing a listing cannot be overstated. You want each listing at the top of the short list of every potential buyer and agent searching for property meeting that listing’s criteria. Here are a few things to consider:

  • Quality Photos: If you do not take quality photos of your listings, taking into account lighting and artistic point of view to make your listing “sing” when viewed online, consider hiring a professional photographer. Before spending money on images, be sure the home is properly staged, de-cluttered, and clean. If you do take your own photos, don’t settle for poor lighting — pay attention to what time of day gives you the biggest lighting advantage for each home.
  • Stock Images: I highly recommend paying for stock images when populating your pages. This can be done fairly inexpensively, and the payoff is great. Great images give your site credibility, and brings visitors back. As a real estate agent, you want your page BOOKMARKED by buyers. and Shutterstock are my sources of choice. Sometimes you can find suitable images for free — just be sure you have the right to use them legally.
  • Optimization: A common website pet peeve are slow loading pages. Large images, or images that are not re-sized to the exact size as it appears on a website (then optimized for a reduced file size) are frequent offenders of website drag.

Additional Web Marketing Services

  • Additional Website Pages: $50-100 per page, depending on content.
  • Listing Updates:  $10-20 per update to existing listings.
  • New Listings: $25 for a blog post page for specific listings.
  • Social Media Marketing: I can either coach you through social media marketing (free) or do social media marketing for you (priced by the hour). You can have your own Facebook page, Twitter page, Pinterest “pin it” links for your pages, and updates on a regular basis — all in the toolbox of successful real estate agents.
  • SEO Marketing: With keyword research and full use of the SEO by Yoast, each page and blog post can be optimized (see my post to learn how you can do SEO Optimization yourself). If you need some help with SEO Marketing, let’s work together.
  • Image Optimization: I can optimize your photos for blog posts I create — or those you post. $5 per image (free when I build the page).
  • Blog Posts and Pages: New and useful content is king! If you have content you would like to post, it is only $50 for me to optimize and place that posting for you. I’ll also Tweet it at @tiffanyyoungren.
  • AdWords: I can help advertise on Google!
  • E-Mail Marketing: Have you dreamed of sending your own weekly e-mail? Would you love having the synergy of working with another forward-thinking, real estate specialist to develop an effective e-mail marketing strategy? When you decide that marketing-in-a-box newsletters no longer will do in such a specialized market and geographic area, send me an e-mail today to get the ball rolling!
  • W3 Total Cache integration to speed up your site. $20 for basic setup.
  • Marketing Plan: if you would like to discuss options to maximize results in your area of professional focus, we can develop a plan and promote implementation for amazing results.

Click here for more details on general website services provided.

Other Services

  • Flyer Design and Coordination
  • Coaching / Consulting
  • Business Card Design
  • The Real Estate Book Updates
  • Billings Weekly Real Estate Portfolio Updates
  • Open House Newspaper Ads
  • Event Planning

Contact me today to set up a free consultation.

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