New eCommerce Store Checklist

March 15th, 2012ServicesComments Off on New eCommerce Store Checklist

Here is the basic information I’ll need from you to get started:

Open an account with BigCommerce (or other platform)

Your Store’s name.

Mailing address.

Physical address.

E-mail address.

What e-mail addresses would you like to use on this account? I use and Just tell me what e-mail names you would like to use for your store at your domain.

Access to your Domain Name provider so I can change the DNS information to point the name to the store’s location. Example: if you bought your domain name through GoDaddy, I need your account number, password, and domain you would like to use. You may do this yourself, if you’d be more comfortable. If you need help with this, please let me know.

Notification: How would you like to be notified of orders: e-mail, SMS, or Windows Life/MSN Messenger? Details: (if e-mail, it can go to a specific e-mail address of your choosing)

Logo Image.

Do you want an ssl certificate for an additional cost? An SSL certificate allows you to offer a secure, encrypted checkout experience for customers purchasing through your online store. Any personal and payment details will be encrypted before they are sent to your site, give your shoppers the confidence they need to purchase through your online store. BigCommerce offers a shared SSL certificate to protect your online store. However, if you want your site to look professional you need to purchase your own SSL certificate.

Have you chosen a payment gateway (merchant account)?

What are the charges, if any, to the customer for shipping? Decide whether to do Live Rate Methods, Fixed Rate Methods, or both. You can determine this when you creating your shipping methods.

What taxes do you charge? Your tax zones and rates will be different based on region. For this reason you must determine what is required from you before you can put in the right value.

What discount codes would you like (if any)? Can discount a dollar amount or percentage.
– Expiration date?
– Limited to one use per customer?

Do you have a MailChimp or iContact account? If not, you can set one up very easily here: MailChimpiContact. I will need access to integrate it with your store (e-mail and password).

** There will be a separate information request form for each product.

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